Dedham Porchfest


What is Porchfest?
Dedham Porchfest is a community-based music festival. Musicians play on front porches, driveways, and lawns. Attendees get to enjoy lots of free music as they walk and bike around the neighborhoods. It’s a great opportunity for local musicians to share their talents with their neighbors, and for residents to discover their neighborhoods in a new way.
When Does it take place?
Saturday, June 17, 2023 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Where does it take place?
Dedham Porchfest will take place on the porches of generous hosts around town, who are sharing their porches and lawns with neighbors and the community!
Who’s performing?
Anyone who wants to! Performers will be from Dedham and from surrounding areas.
Who should come?
Anyone and everyone! Dedham Porchfest is a family-friendly event and features a wide variety of music styles – so there’s sure to be a band or performer that sparks your interest.
Do I need a ticket?
No. Attending the event is completely free of charge. Check out one band or twenty! Stay for 20 minutes or all afternoon!
How do I volunteer my band to play at Porchfest?
Sign up here! There are a few questions for you to answer to make sure that porches and bands are well-matched. And that we have ample space for you to post promotional material about your band.
Can bands from other towns participate?
Absolutely! Bands from all over are welcome at Dedham Porchfest and we encourage musicians to “put them combos together now.”
How do I volunteer my porch to host a band?
Sign up here! There are a few questions for you to answer to make sure that porches and bands are well-matched. We will create a schedule of the porches in your neighborhood.
How do I volunteer my band to play on my own porch?
It’s easy! When you sign up there is space to choose a Pre-arranged Host. That can be your own porch or a friend’s porch where you want to play. Dedham Porchfest then will coordinate your performance time with other performances in the area, so that bands don’t overlap with each other and attendees have time to see as many bands as they wish.
I don’t have a musical Porch and right now am not in a Band. Can I still help Dedham Porchfest?
Yes. We need volunteers! Please sign up here.
Eating and drinking?
You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages but public alcohol laws still apply during Porchfest. Also, please remember that each venue is someone’s home, so please be sure to clean up after yourself.
Beer and Wine?
Dedham Porchfest does not have an official festival area. It takes place at individually-owned yards and on public sidewalks and streets. When in public, you are subject to the usual laws regarding alcohol consumption.
Is there a rain date?
Porchfest Quincy says it best: There is no rain date. We are from New England.
Are there other musical events happening that day in Dedham?
Porchfest Dedham will coordinate musicians playing at residential porches in Dedham. Dedham music schools, performance spaces and other businesses may add to the musical festivities as they wish.
Are you closing the streets during this festival?
As with Block Parties, neighbors may decide on their own to request street closures from the Town of Dedham. So while there may be a few street closures, for the most part streets are open to both drivers and pedestrians. If you must drive near the Porchfest performance locations, please use caution and drive slowly. Park and walk!
Are dogs allowed?
Different homeowners will likely have different preferences when it comes to dogs on their property, so please be aware of and sensitive to that. In public spaces, the rules are the same as they’d be any other time.
I registered my band and/or porch. What happens next?
The final performance schedule will be published on June 10th. Here is our timeline until then:
Now until May 27:
Registration for porch hosts and bands.
We start arranging the schedule. It takes a lot of work.
We introduce Porch Hosts and Bands through email, text, and phone calls. Contact information is exchanged so you can make arrangements with each other.
May 28 - June 3:
Final coordination with porch hosts and bands.
June 10:
Performance Schedule is published on our website.
June 17:
Dedham Porchfest, 4–8 pm!